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  • CBDFX THC Gummies 1-Pack Sample


    CBDFX THC Gummy Samples packs are finally here!  This is...

    Cbdfx thc gummies samples, 1 pack of cbdfx lemon dream indica and 1-pack of magic melon sativa.
  • 3Chi Gummies Samples


    Try Our 3Chi Gummies Samples for a Flavorful Cannabinoid Experience....

    On display are three 3chi gummies offered as 2 pack samples; hhc gummies orange dreamsicle, 3chi black razz delta 9 thc gummies, and 3chi thcv gummies blue raspberry. This picture also shows the real fruits on a white background that are the flavors of each of the gummies.
  • Trojan Horse LIVE RESIN THC Gummies | Tropical Blast Single Packs


    Trojan Horse LIVE RESIN THC gummies are a moment in...

    The clearet look at the outside and the inside of trojan horse cannabis live resin thc gummy single packs. With eye catching colors on the product label and unusually but extremely helpful dose scored engraved into the gummy, users, readers, and viewers can only get excited when viewing this photo.
  • TRĒHouse THC Gummy Samples


    TRĒHouse THC Gummies Sample Packs are now available as a...

    3 types of thc gummy sample packs made by trehouse. Each edible sample pack has the top open with the respective gummy sticking out of the top to give the viewer an idea of what the gummy looks like.
  • 3Chi Delta-9 Gummies | Black Raspberry


    Experience an unparalleled journey into relaxation and euphoria with 3Chi's...

    One 20-pack of 3chi delta-9 gummies, black raspberry-flavored, 10 mg of d9-thc per gummy.
  • 3Chi HHC Gummies | Orange Dreamsicle


    Introducing 3CHI's HHC Gummies in the delightful Orange Dreamsicle flavor....

    One 16-pack of 3chi hhc gummies, orange dreamsicle flavored in a red and orange resealable mylar bag.

Beginner's & First-Timers

We’ve curated an arsenal of articles that are tailored to provide incredible insights and in-depth edible education for anyone new to Cannabis. 

There are EXTREMELY common questions that beginner’s have that all start with the following…

"How Long Do Edibles"

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Cannabinoids + Health-Specific Research

If you’re curious about the POTENTIAL medicinal benefits of THC and other cannabinoids, we offer highly-cited, research-backed articles you can trust.

More Cannabinoids Means...
More Benefits More Effects More Options More Experiences

An 8k 3d - rendering of a microscopic view of cannabinoid compounds inside a cannabis plant.

Medical Marijuana and Cannabis edibles are traditionally made with THC & CBD. In today’s innovative Hemp industry, they also can be infused with ∆8-THC, THCV, THCP, CBG, CBN, CBC, and 100+ other distinct cannabinoids.

Deepen your understanding of phytocannabinoids and their distinctively unique benefits.

THC Edible Gummy Recipes

Calling all bakers, candy-lovers, and at-home DIY enthusiasts, this section is for you.  

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Verified and licensed retailers and THC gummy wholesalers offering the world’s best THC-infused Cannabis Gummies in recreational marijuana approved states.