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  • TRĒ House Peach Pear Gummies | 20 MG (D9+CBD)

    $34.99 $31.99

    Feeling bored... and maybe, a little peachy? Let's "Pear Up!"...

    Sale!Tre house peach pear copy by thcgummies. Com.
  • CBDFx Berry Buzz Gummies | 30 MG (D9+CBD)

    $34.99 $31.99

    Ready to get 'berry buzzed'? Us too. Introducing CBDFX Berry...

    Sale!A bottle of cbdfx berry buzz gummies on a white background with light and shadow effects. There are two vibrantly red gummies on the outside of the bottle to give customers a vivid look at what to expect.
  • Cannabidiol Life CBD Watermelon Gummies


    Delicious and nutritious, its time to say adios to feelings...

    Cannabidiol life cbd watermelon gummies 60-count with a total of 1,500mg per bottle.
  • 3Chi Nirvana Indica Gummies | 100 MG (D8)

    $39.99 $37.00

    Unleash the full potential of hemp with True Strains Gummies...

    Sale!One package of true strains nirvana indica gummies 100mg on a white background. Multiple nirvana gummies are stacked on top of each other next to the package allowing viewers to see what the gummies look like.
  • CBDFX Gummies Sample Packs


    CBDFX THC Gummy Samples packs are finally here!  This is...

    Cbdfx thc gummies samples, 1 pack of cbdfx lemon dream indica and 1-pack of magic melon sativa.
  • 3Chi Gummies Sample Packs


    Try Our 3Chi Gummies Samples for a Flavorful Cannabinoid Experience....

    On display are three 3chi gummies offered as 2 pack samples; hhc gummies orange dreamsicle, 3chi black razz delta 9 thc gummies, and 3chi thcv gummies blue raspberry. This picture also shows the real fruits on a white background that are the flavors of each of the gummies.

Beginner's & First-Timers

We’ve curated an arsenal of articles that are tailored to provide incredible insights and in-depth edible education for anyone new to Cannabis. 

There are EXTREMELY common questions that beginner’s have that all start with the following…

"How Long Do Edibles"

Cannabinoids + Health-Specific Research

If you’re curious about the POTENTIAL medicinal benefits of THC and other cannabinoids, we offer highly-cited, research-backed articles you can trust.

More Cannabinoids Means...
More Benefits More Effects More Options More Experiences

An 8k 3d - rendering of a microscopic view of cannabinoid compounds inside a cannabis plant.

Medical Marijuana and Cannabis edibles are traditionally made with THC & CBD. In today’s innovative Hemp industry, they also can be infused with ∆8-THC, THCV, THCP, CBG, CBN, CBC, and 100+ other distinct cannabinoids.

Deepen your understanding of phytocannabinoids and their distinctively unique benefits.

THC Edible Gummy Recipes

Calling all bakers, candy-lovers, and at-home DIY enthusiasts, this section is for you.  

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