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Who We Are

THCGummies.com is a leader in Edible Cannabis Education & a Premium (ONLY) Edible Cannabis Online Superstore.

THCGummies.com provides highly-cited  information and guidance in a comprehensive manner and  and offers the Best THC Gummies Online™ for less.

Who We Are

Thcgummies. Com awards for the best thc gummy brands of 2023, a big gummy bear smites the competition standing over them in first place on a winners podium.


All Products Are Third-Party Lab Certified

A certified lab technician in full protective gear analyzes cannabis extracts before being delivered for clinical trials.

All products are certified by FDA-approved Cannabis Testing laboratories. These lab reports are known as Certificates of Analysis (CoA).

You can view each products lab test results on their respective pages, or view all tests on a single page by clicking the button below. 

Finding The Best THC Gummy Has Never Been Easier

Our high-quality THC Gummies and premium Edibles Shop offers a built-in LIVE filtering product feature that will help you find the perfect cannabis edible tailored to your unique desires or specifics needs.

You'll always find your perfect gummy and its easiest with thcgummies. Com.

We only Partner With The Best Brands

Two glass awards going to the two best thc gummy brands of 2023 in the united states.

Each THC gummy brand we partner with is held to the following high standards:

  • Minimum of two years of hemp business experience.
  • Never received an FDA warning letter.
  • Rating of 4.5+ stars from customer testimonials.
  • Valid license with the Department of Agriculture.
  • Full Panel lab tests for all products.
  • Adheres to all federal laws and hemp regulations.

Education You Wouldn't Expect From An Edible Website

Our goal is to bring you the latest scientific research on THC-infused edibles with highly cited information that is consistently updated to keep you informed on the efficacy, side effects, benefits, and edible cannabis-related news.

Building Your Trust, One THC Gummy at a Time.

A man builds a 3-foot 'thc gummy tower of trust' in cannabis factory. There are four info block with lines pointing to the blocks, defining how we, thcgummies. Com, intends on earning your trust, 'one gummy at a time'. The man is wearing a white lab coat and protective gloves, is meticulously placing a gummy block on the tower. The factory is filled with vibrant colors and busy workers, with rows of candy processing machinery. The image captures the dynamic and detailed environment of the factory, focusing on the realistic portrayal of the man's task and the lively background.

We know that you won’t just give us your trust unwittingly; so we’re going to work our ‘buds’ off to earn it.

  1. Putting your happiness before profits,
  2. being picky about the products we choose to carry and offer you,
  3. ensuring factual education with cited research,
  4. every opportunity of communication

Constantly sticking to these four trust-builders is our mission and we look forward to doing just that.

We’re more than a online edible store; we’re a community of cannabis enthusiasts dedicated to sharing genuine experiences and free education.


As you explore our curated selection of premium THC gummies, remember that you’re not just a customer—you’re part of a movement towards authenticity and quality in the cannabis world.

Please Meet Our Cannabis Experts



Christopher ryan visser headshot with white brick background and green palm leaves.

Christopher Visser

CEO & Founder, Lead Researcher, Author, Webmaster, & SEO Director of THCGummies.com & Cannabidiol Life

Profile photo of matthew kyska, social media director of thcgummies. Com and marketing director of cannaviri ltd

Matthew Kyska

Marketing Director of THCGummies.com & Marketing Director of Cannaviri Laboratories Ltd

Jennifer jellison standing in a field of sunflowers.

Jennifer Jellison

CFO & Director of Customer Relations of THCGummies.com & Marketing Director of Cannaviri Laboratories Ltd

HQ Location

583 E. SR 434,

Suite 2000,

Longwood, FL 32750

“With THCGummies.com, there are no grey areas, just really great THC gummies.”

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