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Affiliate Disclosure

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Dear readers, visitors, and potential buyers of,

For complete transparency as I always strive for, is a limited liability company that is a for-profit business and is registered under the name The Gummy Group, LLC in the state of Delaware.  In layman’s terms, I earn an income and make money with this website by marketing and promoting products using affiliate links with the intention of earning a commission for any purchases that you make.

Designed For A Pleasurable Shopping Experience Without The Inconvenience of Ad Placements gets thousands of visitors each week and instead of taking advantage of your visit by inundating you with several ads per page, I’ve chosen to stick to one form of compensation which is to give my professional and honest opinion on specific Cannabis-derived THC-specific gummies, edibles, and/or marijuana-industry related services that meet every requirement from a list of very strict qualifications.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the zero-clutter and overall heightened user experience and friendliness of this website as it took months to build and just over $18,000.00 USD just to create it before a single affiliate link was added.

Needless to say, your support in allowing any profitability to be made on this website is extremely appreciated.

Qualifications: How I Choose The Products andamp; Services I Promote

It is imperative that I mention that any product or service that I promote to you on checks all of the following boxes from the bulleted list below; this is a promise to all website visitors:

  • Every product or service offered that has an affiliate link is a THC Brand or Cannabis Industry service that I’ve previously vetted and approve for quality and efficacy
  • The THC Brand of the consumable product promoted has an active business license and is registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
  • The THC Brand of the consumable cannabis product offers some type of product liability insurance or 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • The THC Brand has 1,000 or more POSITIVE customer reviews
    • Furthermore, the Customer Reviews must be secured by 3rd-party customer testimonial review acquisition websites (,, Google My Business,, etc.)
  • The products and services promoted on this website are products and services that I feel will deliver value and the intended desired results for the strong majority of all web visitors.

In the name of transparency, here is a list of all the affiliate programs I use to help me generate income:

  • Share A Sale
  • Commission Junction

While not all links found on is an affiliate link as we do link to authoritative websites for citing expert opinions and research, it would be safe for you to assume that any link that have the following anchor texts (words in the link) is an affiliate link where I will earn commission if you make a purchase on their website:

  • Buy Now
  • Buy Here
  • Visit The Brand
  • View Service Provider
  • Learn More
  • View Product

Reoccurring Affiliate Disclosure Efforts

I’ve listed affiliate disclosures several times with multiple reoccurring instances all throughout the website with a link back to this page. These efforts are intended to ensure that every potential buyer, reader, and visitor of clearly understands how this website makes money with no misinterpretations. All affiliate and partner-related links are presented in clear and conspicuous locations adhering to Google advertising guidelines and in accordance with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

I implore all website visitors to contact me if anything about this Affiliate Disclosure is unclear in any way. I also strongly advise that you read all of the policies offered by found at the bottom of every page of this website.

Thank you very much for reading the full affiliate disclosure and for the opportunity of earning your trust to use as your go-to resource for connecting you to vetted, high-quality THC gummy products, brands, and services.

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