Alabama to Launch Third Round of Medical Marijuana Licenses

Alabama medical marijuana regulators plan to launch a third round of licensing amid ongoing legal delays. Lawsuits have disrupted the rollout of the new industry so far.

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Without a doubt, it will be yet another postponement for us, and if we had a choice we wouldn’t pick it, yet we are trying to meet the judge’s desires. Alander Rocha from the Alabama Reflector composed the following:

An article has been composed by me for the Alabama Reflector covering the latest developments in the region. I have drawn attention to the current state of affairs and discussed possible solutions to the issue at hand. This piece intends to raise awareness and explore ways to help improve the region. The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) on Thursday officially decided to pause issuing licenses for the growth, fabrication and manufacturing of medical cannabis. AMCC Chair Rex Vaughn said this stoppage, that followed a Montgomery judge prolonging a temporary restraining order on the process, will clear the way for a third series of license awards. “At present we have put a stop on the list of current licensees. He wondered if the list would remain unchanged. We must return and cast our votes again. At the gathering, Vaughn mentioned that the present administrative halt will give the involved people “a chance to try and solve any issues before continuing with the licensing procedure.” For this present stay, those who have been granted permission are not required to pay a fee for the license. Vaughn said that this administrative stay will have no end date so applicants who were refused permission can indefinitely request a hearing. He commented that although it is a further delay they are looking to comply with the court’s wishes. Mordican commented that he wants the commission to be more thorough when looking at applications in the next round, and to question anything that appears to be incorrect. The Native Black Cultivation company, founded in Alabama, was refused a license due to a residency delinquency.

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