High Times Cup Arizona 2023 Announces Peoples’ Choice

High Times announced its Cannabis Cup Arizona Peoples' Choice edition for 2023. The public can buy judge kits and vote on products in various categories.

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The High Times Cannabis Cup Arizona is back and it has been improved to the point of providing the residents of the Grand Canyon State with the highest quality cannabis possible. Anybody, regardless of their qualifications or experience, can take part in the decision-making process through People’s Choice. Which products will be hailed as the finest cannabis offerings at the final Cannabis Cup: People’s Choice Edition of the year, taking place in Arizona beginning in November? Be the one to make the decision. This occasion is only the second Cannabis Cup ever held open to Arizona citizens after transforming into a virtual occasion this year. The record for the most judges is set to be broken at this year’s festival, providing a brilliant opportunity for companies to get their products consumed by individuals in the area. Previous champs include Alien Labs, Connected, Shango x True Harvest, Item 9 Labs, Baked Bros, and Ediquette Edibles. Unlike years passed, this year’s festival is recreational solely and all items must bear the seal of acceptance from the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS). 7

Kits to be judged will go on sale starting Saturday, November 7th. Judges aged eighteen and over can log into the Judging Portal in order to evaluate the products based on flavor, bouquet, forcefulness, burn rate, and more. The period to pass judgment concludes on Sunday, January 219.

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