House Bill to Defund Pro-Cannabis States and Tribes

A GOP congressman introduced a bill to cut some federal funds for states and tribes that legalize marijuana. A North Carolina tribe is poised to allow adult use.

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Robert Pittenger, a Republican from Charlotte, would cut certain funding sources to states with legal marijuana operations.

On Friday, a North Carolina congressman, Robert Pittenger, proposed a bill termed as ‘Stop Pot Act’, which would reduce certain US government money allocated to states and Native groups that legalize marijuana. Chuck Edwards (R-NC) proposes to remove 10 percent of federal highway funding from regions where the purchase or possession of marijuana for recreational purposes is permissible. The introduction of the bill happened shortly before a certain tribe located in Edwards’ state votes to legalize the usage of cannabis by adults. In his press release, Edwards made it clear that the laws of a state or a tribe must not go against the laws of the entire country and no federal funds should go to those jurisdictions who ignore the federal laws. At a moment when communities all over the country are being plagued by unprecedented criminal activity, substance abuse, and mental disorders, the Stop Pot Act can curtail access to narcotics and lighten the load of the scarce policing and mental health services that are already struggling. I have recently proposed the Stop Pot Act, which seeks to honor federal regulations and safeguard WNC neighborhoods and our traditional mountain lifestyle. Edwards released an article in Cherokee One Feather last month which cautioned the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians against authorizing recreational marijuana.

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  1. The idea of total legalization is happening. It’s a majority of voters that want it to happen. The “Reefer Madness Crowd” is a laughable group. This NC Congressman should be worried about how he will be viewed in the months to come. I myself am a Republican and a knowledgeable conservative one at that. I hope he reconsiders, instead of making a career ending mistake.

  2. I could not agree more. In my personal treasure trove of cumulated research. I have HUNDREDS of videos of people getting relief from marijuana and nearly 2,000 studies (clinical, scientific, peer reviews, case overviews, and general surveys) that all resulted in positive outcomes. Yet, cigarettes and alcohol, which adds zero value to our health and causes death is legal around the world.

    Where are our priorities?

    As for Reefer Madness, I couldn’t be more aligned with your thought process. A few lines I’ll never forget, “the burning weed with its roots in hell.” And then, “They (people who use marijuana) have premarital sex, commit murder and suicide, and achieve a permanent state of hopeless insanity.”

    The audacity, lol.

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