Marijuana edibles, such as THC gummies, are quickly becoming a go-to product for cannabis consumers everywhere.

In comparison to smoking weed, cannabis edibles, such as THC gummies, offer fewer health risks as well as a more convenient, discreet, and less publicly invasive way to consume the benefits and effects of Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol. [1]

This on-going, growing demand for edibles has sparked one of the most frequently asked questions to date, how long do the effects of weed edibles last?

How Long Do Edibles Last?

To correctly answer this question, we need to know how long edibles usually take to kick in.  In other words, we need to know the timeframe starting from the moment you swallow a THC gummy bear or a THC gummy worm, to the moment the time it takes to begin feeling the effects of THC).  Once we know that, we can more accurately provide an answer.

How Long Does It Take For Edibles To Kick In?

Typically, the intoxication effects of marijuana edibles will kick in around thirty minutes after consumption.  It’s important to note that it can also take up to two full hours to begin feeling the coveted euphoric high. [2]


If by chance you don’t obtain the high you’re seeking within 1 hour of ingestion, it is highly recommended to wait at least two hours before taking another weed gummy or edible.  This will help avoid any unintentional THC overdose and hours upon hours of psychological distress. [3] 

Typically a person will feel their peak high between roughly two to five hours after consumption. Generally, after that, there is a comedown period that is experienced between approximately seven to twelve hours after consumption.

It’s important to know how digestion can differ from smoking when it comes to consuming cannabis. Fats can change the potency of cannabinoids, and which digestive organs they affect.
To fully understand this, it’s best to look at edibles from a basic perspective. [4]

At their simplest level, weed edibles are any cookie, brownie, chocolate bar, gummy bear, or other treats that contain cannabis chemicals like THC or CBD.

Because the effects of edible forms of cannabis can be even more potent than when it is consumed by smoking, the outcome of over-consumption of edibles can be undesirable. If one consumes too much, instead of feeling blissful it is possible to consume too much THC and experience feelings of paranoia, anxiety, or regret.

That’s why it’s extremely important to wait at least two hours after consuming edibles to ensure you don’t take too much.

The Sweetness Factor & How It Effects The Length Of Time Marijuana Stays In The Human Body

While the common misconception regarding THC edibles is that people want them in the form of sweets due to being stoners who are used to “the munchies”, there’s actually a solid scientific reason behind this sugary treats are usually selected.

The reason being that fats, such as those found in baked goods and sugary snacks, are the ideal vessel to bind with and carry THC (or other cannabinoids) across the many of the cell barriers and membranes that line the walls of our stomach and intestines. [5]

That’s the main reason you see these types of THC edibles as opposed to something along the lines of a vegetable dish for example.

The way in which fats and cannabinoids bond so well together is also why an edible-high can feel much more potent than the effects of smoking. However, that is not actually the only reason. As it turns out, when THC is metabolized by the liver, it is actually slightly modified to become 11-hydroxy-THC. [6]

Though far less is known about 11-hydroxy-THC, research suggests that it can cross the blood-brain barrier even faster than THC and create a more dramatic impact. [7]

Smoking THC bypasses this organ completely, thus the effects can feel very different.


In conclusion, always remember to wait at least a couple of hours after consuming cannabis edibles before upping your dose in order to make sure you are experiencing the full effects. Avoid taking cannabis edibles if you aren’t sure if you are allergic to cannabis or other ingredients that may be in THC edibles, such as peanut oil. It’s best to discuss marijuana use openly and honestly with your doctor if you are concerned about the health effects, or side effects, you may experience.

THC edibles are not necessarily recommended for first-time cannabis users as the effects can often be very strong, and in some cases extreme, which could cause loss of cognition or control in someone who isn’t familiar with the effects they will be experiencing.


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