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On this page, you’ll find third-party lab reports, often referred as Certificates of Analysis (CoA), for every THC edible product sold on

Conducting a Cannabinoid Potency Test per product by a 3rd-party laboratory is the minimum lab testing requirement set by the FDA for the hemp industry. does not do “minimum requirements,” we offer Full Panel Tests for ever product.

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Cannabinoid Potency Test (CPT) vs. Full Panel Test (FPT)

Directly put, cannabis brands that choose to conduct Full Panel Tests instead of the minimum requirement Cannabinoid Potency Test care more about the health and safety of their customers, period.

Here’s Three Reasons Why:


Each test costs between $75-$90 per product.

Each test costs between $400-$500 per product.


The minimum requirement to be federally compliant.

No requirement
, this test is optional.


A CPT will verify the cannabinoid potency levels found in the product.  A FPT will verify the cannabinoid potency levels and whether or not the product contains any harmful substances within.  See below for a more detailed explanation of both tests.

This test will verify that the cannabinoid potency levels of the actual product matches the cannabinoid potency claim found on the product label. I.g. A bottle of D8 gummies has this claim on the product label, “This product contains 25 MG of Delta 8 Per Gummy.”  A CPT would verify this product label claim to ensure that each gummy indeed has 25 mg of Delta 8 per gummy.

An FPT is a complete test verifying both cannabinoid potency accuracy and consumption safety by screening the product for any harmful substances, pesticides, and heavy metals that might have been left behind during the manufacturing process.

Now that you understand the difference between the two reports, you can fully appreciate how valuable and vital Full Panel Product Testing is for your overall health and safety.

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