Missouri Announces Winners for Marijuana Microbusiness Licenses

Missouri announced the winners of a lottery for marijuana microbusiness licenses in each congressional district. There were over 1,100 applicants for the 48 total licenses across the state.

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Applicants have three working days to supply the requested information or else the request will be rejected. Rebecca Rivas of Missouri Independent has composed this article. On Monday, the state started granting small-scale cannabis permits, deciding who gets to participate in Missouri’s microbusiness system through a lottery. In each of the 8 congressional districts, 6 winners were selected, with two becoming microbusiness dispensaries and four being microbusiness wholesale plants to grow up to 250 plants. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services released the results of the lottery on Monday night. As a part of the constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana that was endorsed by the voters in November, this microbusiness program is intended to help create more chances in the industry for firms in disadvantaged communities. During the July 27 to August 10 application window, 1,1 applicants applied for the license. The 4th District, encompassing the central western part of the state, had the largest number of applicants among the congressional districts at 251, while the 1st District, covering the City of St. Louis, had the lowest, with only 143. Applicants have three working days to supply the requested information or else the request will be rejected. State officials in Missouri have established new rules for marijuana testing in order to prevent “lab shopping,” meaning purchasing marijuana with higher THC potency. The regulations are set to come into effect by October 4th following a review period. This news was first reported by the Missouri Independent. Results from a lottery to determine the winners for microbusiness licenses in Missouri have been announced by state regulators. Chris Wallis // Side Pocket Images provided the photo for the story. The news was first reported on Marijuana Moment.

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