Missouri Judge Allows Recall of 62K Marijuana Products

A judge in Missouri denied a company's bid to block a recall of 62,000 marijuana products. State regulators feared a health risk from the items.

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An action states that if Dark Horse is forbidden from distributing or utilizing these items, the financial impacts will be severe. Rebecca Rivas of Missouri Independent has composed this article. On Wednesday, a judge in Missouri turned down a cannabis company’s attempt to block the withdrawal of 62,000 items incorporating their THC concentrate that the state thought was a “possible risk to health and well-being.” Delta Extraction, a cannabis producer located in Robertsville, has been specializing in creating THC distillate, a pure potent type of THC used for pre-rolled joints, edibles, and vape pens. On August 2, the agency responsible for regulations suspended the firm’s permit, indicting that they had pursued marijuana or hemp originating from a non- Missouri certified farming site. The state applied a regulatory order to the products a couple of days ago, followed by a full recall on August 14. Delta Extraction claimed in its request for a temporary restraining order on August 16 that the state’s measures were a “wrongful attempt to eliminate Delta’s business using writing unique, unreasonable and unexplained authorities measures against Delta’s products.”. Judge Cotton Walker declared Wednesday that Delta had not taken advantage of all the opportunities of appeal prior to challenging the recall, as they had appealed to the Administrative Hearing Commission the same day their license was revoked. The court is yet to make a decision on this issue, wrote Walker in his judgment, adding if they were to take jurisdiction over the recall and hold, then the same factual disputes would be determined both here and in the Administrative Hearing Commision. This leads to an absurd outcome.

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