10 THC Gummy Brands Tested Positive For Fentanyl, Heroin, K2, Cocaine, and Meth!

A picture collage of the 10 THC gummies that were tested positive for fentanyl, heroin, k2, meth, & more'.

10 THC Gummy Brands are now on the hot seat as their hemp-derived THC gummies tested positive for Fentanyl and Heroin or trace amounts of at least one of the following illegal substances: Fentanyl, K2, Cocaine, and Meth.

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Legal Disclaimer: None of these companies have been convicted, and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office alleges the current crime.

THC Gummies Made By These Brands Were Caught Having Illegal Substances Inside:

  1. Strictly Delta

  2. Urb Extrax

  3. Packedwoods Coned

  4. Death By Gummy Bears

  5. Eaze Delta 8

  6. Dazed 8

  7. Luxx

  8. Strange Clouds

  9. HyLyfe

  10. Full Send Canna

Two people overdosed from THC gummies sold from a small smoke shop chain and the individuals were hospitalized. 

The Story

The officials leading the investigation:

  • Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele

  • Whitpain Township Police Chief Kenneth Lawson

  • Montgomery Township Police Chief Scott Bendig

  • Hatfield Township Police Chief William Tierney


Montgomery County officials have warned about illegal drugs found in THC gummies sold at three Tobacco Hut stores. District Attorney Kevin Steele announced that fentanyl and heroin were found in two flavors of “Delta 8 THC 600 MG Happy Cubes,” which have caused two overdoses. 

Undercover detectives found the illegal drugs in the gummies, leading to a search warrant being executed. Steele also warned about other products allegedly containing fentanyl. Tobacco Hut has since removed these brands from all its locations, and customers are advised not to eat these gummies if they have already purchased them.

Thankfully, both individuals harmed by these gummies have recovered. 

More Details On The 10 THC Gummy Brands

According to a Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, These THC gummy brands contained either fentanyl and heroin or just fentanyl.

Montgomery county district attorney’s office facebook post lists three cannabis gummy brands, strictly delta, urb extrax, and packedwoods coned, with illegal substances.

Strictly Delta

  • Product Tested: Delta 8 THC 600 MG Happy Cubes

  • https://strictlydelta.com – The website has been shut down.

  • Allegedly Contained: fentanyl & heroin.


Urb Extrax

  • Product Tested: Unknown

  • https://urb.shop/ – Still operational.

  • Allegedly Contained: fentanyl


Packedwoods Coned

  • Product Tested: Unknown

  • https://urb.shop/ – Still operational.

  • Allegedly Contained: fentanyl


Also, according to a Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, the following THC gummy brands contained trace amounts of at least one or all of the following illegal substances: fentanyl, heroin, k2, cocaine, and meth.

Montgomery county district attorney’s office facebook post says after more testing, seven more brands were caught with illegal substances such as fentanyl, heroin, k2, cocaine, and meth.

Death By Gummy Bears

  • Product Tested:

    • Death By Gummy Bears Birthday Cake

    • Death By Gummy Bears Strawberry Jam

  • https://deathbygummybears.org/ – Still operational

  • Allegedly Contained: fentanyl, heroin, K2, cocaine, and meth


Eaze Delta 8

Close up on eaze delta 8 thc gummy package says its distributed by a corporation registered in albany, ny.

  • Distributed By “Eaze Delta 8, Albany, N.Y. 12207” – I could not find their corporate registration.

  • Product Tested: Eaze Delta 8 Delta 8 Gummies

  • No website found

  • Allegedly Contained: fentanyl, heroin, K2, cocaine, and meth


Dazed 8

  • Product Tested: Dazed 8 Delta 8 Gummies

  • https://www.dazed8.com/ – Still operational

  • Allegedly Contained: fentanyl, heroin, K2, cocaine, and meth



  • Product Tested: Luxx HHC Gummies 2500mg

  •  No website found

  • Allegedly Contained: fentanyl, heroin, K2, cocaine, and meth


Strange Clouds

A close up of the packaging for strange clouds thc gummies sour worms company where the company address is shown.

  • Product Tested: Strange Clouds Sour Snakes THC Gummies

  • No Website Found

  • Their business location is a Pizzeria.  Better Business Bureau Page
    Google maps showing that the address for the thc gummy brand strange clouds is located at a pizzeria.

  • Allegedly Contained: fentanyl, heroin, K2, cocaine, and meth



  • Product Tested: Hylyfe Delta 8 Gummies

  • https://hylyfe.com/ – Still operational

  • Allegedly Contained: fentanyl, heroin, K2, cocaine, and meth

Montgomery county district attorney’s office facebook post says full send canna gummies contained fentanyl.

Full Send Canna

  • Product Tested:

    • D9 Canna Gummies Black Cherry 500mg

    • D8 Canna Gummies Mango 500mg 

  • https://www.fullsendgummies.com/ – Still operational

  • Allegedly Contained: fentanyl, heroin, K2, cocaine, and meth

The Hemp Industry Is Good For Us; The Bad Players Aren’t

The hemp industry is a cherished industry with a very bright future. There are so many useful and beneficial compounds within a hemp plant, and often, they are taken for granted or become guilty by association. 

Without industrial hemp products, we would have Cannabidiol (CBD), the second most popular cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. CBD, unlike THC, does NOT offer any psychotropic effects, and the purposes of these two cannabinoids are wildly different. 

While it does seem to have some medicinal and therapeutic purposes (Medical Marijuana), THC is known and mostly used for recreational purposes. CBD, on the other hand, has absolutely no recreational purpose value whatsoever. CBD is used around the world purely for therapeutic and medicinal purposes.

Take a company like Cannabidiol Life, for example. This United States-based CBD brand is known for its physician-recommended CBD products. Their hemp-derived products are currently being imported into countries like Peru and Brazil, where doctors are prescribing them as medicine for their patients.

THC and CBD are different, and CBD should NEVER be mistaken for THC. Unfortunately, ignorance of this very fact is still being shown at a public media level.

One Senior Staff Writer who writes for PhillyVoice covered this THC gummy tragedy, and he titled his article, 

“Fentanyl, heroin found in CBD edibles sold at Montgomery County stores, D.A. says”

A headline from the phillyvoice misrepresents the hemp industry and slanders the name of cbd.

No, Michael.

Delta 8 THC gummies, Delta 9 THC gummies, and HHC gummies are the specific psychotropic-inducing edibles that were tested in this investigation. Just because these cannabinoids are derived from Hemp, it does not make them “CBD edibles.”

Here’s The Truth

Science has identified that there are over 100 cannabinoids in hemp plants, and each of them interacts and uniquely impacts our bodies and brain in different ways. To publicly and incorrectly label CBD as the culprit for the various THC derivative-infused products that were the real culprit is equivalent to the following anecdote. 

There are over 100 students in a school, and three of these students did something very bad. Instead of naming the three bad students, little Billy, an innocent student, was publicly shamed for the mistake of his peers.

Transparency, clarity, and accountability should always be at the forefront.

The Takeaway

The best brands in the Hemp and Cannabis industry always preach the same thing, “never buy THC gummies or CBD gummies from smoke shops and gas stations.” While some of these types of brick-and-mortar stores do things correctly and carry reputable brands, the fact is the majority do not. 

The retail price for high-quality hemp and cannabis edibles is too expensive for these types of stores, and people selling them are usually not anywhere nearly as informed as the brands that manufacture and sell them. 

Hence, the reason why the employees of three Tobacco Hut smoke shops that sold the compromised fentanyl-infused products said to the reporter, “We had no idea that fentanyl was in there.”

Nonetheless, for your health and for your safety, it may be a good idea to stay away from these 10 THC gummy brands until the investigation is complete. You can follow the Facebook page of the Montgomery DA Office for updates.

Stay safe, everyone!

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  1. Police literally retracted this story. It was faulty testing. But nice to know someone would spread lies because it fit their agenda.
    Living that Fake news life

  2. We were very interested in getting an update for this story! Thank you for bringing us back to this, what were the comments from the officers? This was a huge deal for a few days. I did enjoy our DD on the different brands out there. Some of the brands were super sketchy with HQs located at pizza shops? Nice…

  3. Jon, you are absolutely right! We will get an update for this article soon! Other than that, what did you think about our further investigation and DD on this?

    We found a lot of the brands mentioned in the original police report, had some pretty shady corporate details; further expanding on the absolute need for transparency regulations of who owns the cannabis edible company, where are the raw materials coming from, and where are the products are being made.

    Directly, there are still too many black-market edible gummy products being sold. That’s why we started THCGummies.com, we ensure that the products on this platform are not only from reputable sources, but they’re backed by transparency, Full-panel COAs, only the best sellers are sold here, and for a few dollars cheaper.

    Thanks for joining in here, Jon. I appreciate you!

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