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THC-O Gummies

For those looking to take their cannabis edibles game up a notch, THC-O gummies just might be the solution to the unique euphoric experience you desire. Unlike your average THC edibles, these curious confections contain THC-O-Acetate which is purported to be decently stronger with a twist!

THC-O gummies are claimed to be 3x stronger than D8 gummies, 1-2x stronger than D9 gummies, and sprinkled with a light psychedelic effect (not kidding).  Are you ready to get the party started?  Shop THC-O gummies below or continue reading to learn more.

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What Is THC-O?

THC-O is short for THC-O acetate (THC-O-A) and it is a lab altered form of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) because it has been acetylated – meaning an acetic acid molecule has been added to the structure of the THC compound. THC-O-Acetate is the acetate ester of THC and is both psychoactive and psychotropic.

thc-o-acetate molecule and thcgummies.com logo.
The Molecular Structure Of THC-O-Acetate

The Organization That First Synthesized THC-O

THC-O was stumbled upon by the United States Army sometime between 1949 and 1975 under the watch of a department called the Edgewood Arsenal Experiments

We have not been able to find the any information on the name of the actual scientist who created THC-O, however, Colonel James S. Ketchum was in charge of this entire clinical research operation which was focused on psychochemical warfare.

Reasons Why You Might Consider Taking THC-O Edible Gummies

Besides its recreational value to cannabis edible enthusiasts wanting a new euphoric experience, THC-O was created mainly for research studies to examine the effects of delta 9 THC on the human body, as well as its potential therapeutic applications.

The compound has been successfully administered to test subjects through various routes, including inhalation and oral ingestion. THC-O Acetate shows promise for use in the treatments of the following:

  • pain
  • inflammation
  • nausea/vomiting
  • appetite stimulation

However, we must omit that the above should not be taken as facts because further research is needed to fully understand the efficacy and safety profile of THC-O before it can be acknowledged for use by the medical society.

Recently, it’s purpose seems to be more popular as a commercial product for recreational purposes as it has made it’s first-documented commercial appearance via research study in 2022.

How THC-O Gummies Are Made

THC-O-A can be made from a THC molecule, but for those interested in the legal manufacturing method, THC-O is made by altering a Cannabidiol (CBD) molecule extracted from hemp plants and converting Cannabidiol into Delta-8 THC.

Once this conversion is complete, the D8 THC compound is then combined with acetic anhydride (Ac₂O), a reagent widely and commonly used in organic synthesis. The combination of these two molecules, D8-THC and Ac₂O, produce THC-O-A.

The breakdown of the creation and synthesis of THC-O was first described in 1974 in the book Cannabis Alchemy: Art of Modern Hashmaking, view full online text here.

Once the THC-O extract is in the hand of the gummy manufacturer, depending on the formulation and the method, gummies are either infused, soaked, sprayed, or tossed with a concentrated THC-O extract.

The Laws & Legality of THC-O

Unlike Delta 8, which some states have made illegal, THC-O has not been recognized as a federally illegal substance. With that said, the laws often change and this information should only be used as a basis of information, not as a fact. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to check with your local laws on the legalities of using THC-O Acetate before accidentally getting into any sort of legal concerns.

For all of our United Kingdom readers, currently THC-O acetate is a classified as a Class B Drug.

THC-O Safety, Warnings, & Concerns

According to two research studies, one published in July of 2022 and another study published in December of 2022, the danger of vaping THC-O acetate leads to ketene formation and has the potential to cause a EVALI Epidemic, respectively.

To be crystal clear, the danger with THC-O is only worrisome when the acetate ester of THC-O is introduced to high heat because it could produce a dangerous lung toxicant known as ketene.

The good news is, THC-O gummies, THC-O edibles, and THC-O oils and tinctures do not share this risk and there isn’t any documented risk to suggest that it is harmful when ingested.


In summary, THC-O Acetate is a promising compound that has recreational value and according to an interview with Dr. Ethan Russo, he cannot rule out that THC-O could potentially have medical applications one day, however, stay far away from vaping or smoking it.

Please consult with your doctor, healthcare provider, or Medical Marijuana Doctor to discuss any potential risks associated with the use of this compound, especially if you are on any medications to ensure there are now drug interactions.

If you’d like to buy THC-O Gummies for the first time, trust THCGummies.com; no matter who you choose as your supplier for THC-O Acetate gummies, always remember the two golden rules when it comes to THC edibles:



THC-O gummies are classified as a THC edible gelatin candy that has been infused, soaked, or sprayed with THC-O-Acetate.

Yes, coupled with the potential of a light psychedelic effect.

No, THC-O gummies are not the strongest THC gummy.  THC-O gummies are purported to be 2-3 times stronger than Delta-9, THCP gummies are the strongest with reports of being 30 or more times the potency of delta 9 THC.

For complete transparency, we were unable to identify any authoritative research that support the claim that THC-O gummies are 2-3 times stronger than Delta 9 THC other than an interview with Dr. Ethan Russo found on  CannabisBusinessTimes.com.

The answer is YES. According to the combined published literature of scientific research and the CDC, when a person consumes THC or its THC analogs, the body oxidizes the THC molecule into 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC and urine tests are triggered by the detection of 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC.



The following are both the negative and positive side effects purported by THC-O gummy consumers:

  • happiness
  • light/mild hallucinations
  • disorientation
  • euphoria
  • Dry mouth
  • light-headedness/dizzy
  • sedation
  • anxiety
  • heightened spiritual connection
  • heightened introspective sensation
  • sleepiness
  • heightened hunger

Its important to note that most of the negative and adverse effects reported were from vaping THC-O and most of the positive effects were from ingesting THC-O gummies.

For beginners, we recommend starting with a 5 mg THC-O gummy with the option to double if results are not met after 4 hours.

For experienced THC consumers, we recommend a 15 mg THC-O gummy.

We never recommend exceeding 40 mg of THC-O gummies in a single dose as it usually leads to an uncomfortable, undesirable high.


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