Gelatin-based THC edibles, also known as marijuana edibles or simply weed edibles. Cannabis edibles are typically any edibles made from cannabis, but THC gummies are different from other edibles in certain respects. Specifically, they are THC infused cannabis gummies that usually contain pre-specified amounts of THC. The amount of THC per gummy can vary, but it is usually between 10-25 mg with 500 to 1000 mg per container. [1]

Gummy THC can come in many forms, such as THC gummy bears, THC gummy squares, or really any other shape of THC gummy candy you can think of. It’s easy enough to fashion a gummy into virtually any shape using a mold and THC gummies are no exception.

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It’s also for this reason that THC edible gummies come in a wide variety of flavors and styles. Sweet gummies are the standard, but sour gummies are also offered and can sometimes be preferable if there is a strong cannabis taste due to high levels of THC. There are a multitude of flavors available, but the standard flavors you would find in regular gummy snacks remain the most popular and the industry standard.

If you are looking for THC gummies for sale, it’s ideal to shop in an area where recreational marijuana use is allowed. It is not recommended to attempt to buy something like THC infused gummies online unless you are sure they are legal in your area and can be delivered to you without risk. Always check state and local laws before attempting to shop for any products that contain THC. [2]

Additionally, it’s important to shop with a reputable company that can offer independent third-party lab test results to verify the ingredients in their products. [3] This way you will ensure you are getting an accurate dose and that the potency of the product you are getting is verified.

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It is possible to buy THC gummies from dispensaries, certain smoke shops and even online in some areas under special circumstances, such as having a medical marijuana card for a medical marijuana prescription, or in areas where THC gummies are recreationally legal.


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