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Enjoy Hemp Review

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Enjoy hemp company logo in black-colored font.


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As a wholesale partner, we would NEVER recommend Enjoy Hemp as a partner.

As a retail customer buying directly from their website, we can see you being happy with the quality. However, do not expect to receive help with your first order or prompt customer service as these options are unavailable.


BELOW IS A PRODUCT CAROUSEL OF THE Enjoy Hemp Gummies that we bought, sold, tested, andamp; reviewed.



Reasons why Enjoy Hemp is deemed to be “sketchy” and raises several red flags are the following:

  1. They do not offer a phone number.
    If you need support for your product purchase, need customer service assistance, or general communications, you won’t be able to speak to anyone, you must fill out a general contact form.

  2. Their location is up in the air.
    On their website, they offer a PO BOX from Miami, FL. Their invoices say they ship from Longwood, FL. Their sales rep claim they work out of Texas. See photos below for proof. 
Screenshot taken on enjoyhemp. Co states their location is at a po box out of miami, fl.
The enjoy hemp website (enjoyhemp. Co) states their located at a po box out of miami, fl.
Lunchbox distribution is enjoy hemp alias for shipping products and apparently a sister company, it states their location is in longwood, fl.
Lunchbox distribution is enjoy hemp alias for shipping products and apparently a sister company, it states their location is in longwood, fl.
Undisclosed new distribution location for enjoy hemp is only mentioned by internal sales rep stating they are now working out of dallas, texas.
Undisclosed new distribution location for enjoy hemp is only mentioned by internal sales rep stating they are now working out of dallas, texas.

Enjoy Hemp Social Media


To make matters a bit more sketchy, they offer an instagram on their website, but the link is broken.


In this section of our review, we share the basics of the brand and company, and any worthwhile data, intel, or direct communications between ourselves and the brand that we deem most important for you to be aware of. 


While Enjoy Hemp has much to offer in terms of product variety and potency options, it disappointingly falls short in an area that is increasingly vital to consumers: business transparency.

The brand does not provide essential information that allows consumers to fully understand and trust their operation. Details on the origin of their products, such as their growth, sourcing, and manufacturing processes, are conspicuously absent from their public-facing resources. Additionally, the lack of visibility into the company’s ownership and management further cloaks Enjoy Hemp in unnecessary mystery.

This lack of disclosure extends to their ingredient labeling, making it difficult for consumers to verify the quality and safety of the products they are consuming.

Moreover, there have been concerns about the brand’s responsiveness and responsibility towards their customers when issues arise.

This lack of commitment to full transparency and customer service can undermine consumer trust and satisfaction. In an industry where authenticity and accountability are becoming key differentiators, Enjoy Hemp’s opaque practices present a significant area of improvement.


Shipping Speed and Accuracy

Enjoy hemp invoice 02/22/23. Order# 14895, receipt used for proof of purchase, total amount spent = $786. 75.
Order placed on feb 22 and wasn't shipped until march 10. Order was delivered march 14 (20 days after initial order)

Out of the 8 orders we placed with Enjoy Hemp, two of our orders were delivered with incorrect items, one order was completely wrong, and two of the orders were severely late. 

Enjoy Hemp’s Shipping is unreliable, causing severe issues with our inventory, order deliveries, customer trust and relationships, and ultimately, our profits as all of our Enjoy Hemp products were out of stock for 10+ days.


Customer Support

The only support you will receive is from the sales rep you work with directly. Do not expect to be able to speak with someone on demand unless you become a paying customer first or first send out an email requesting a phone call in hopes of speaking to an individual from the company. 


Packaging and Branding

One bottle of enjoy hemp delta-8 thc + cbn live resin sleep gummies on white background.
Great packaging quality disallows light with smart branding showing "indica" as the type of edible.

Enjoy Hemp does a great job at two things:

  1. Indicating whether the product is Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid.
  2. Protecting the cannabinoids inside their products by packaging in bottles that do not allow direct light through, which better protects the shelf-life of their edibles.


Hemp Industry Compliance

Enjoy Hemp exhibits a commendable practice of offering full panel Certificates of Analysis (COAs), a step beyond some competitors who only provide cannabinoid-potency specific COAs. This additional level of testing allows for a more comprehensive understanding of their products, including checks for residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals, which can significantly impact a consumer’s confidence in product safety. Click here to view all of their COAs.

However, Enjoy Hemp falls short when it comes to their understanding and implementation of these COAs.

A list of offered full panel lab tests where enjoy hemp offers its customers the ability to view them.
A shortened list of enjoy hemp full panel lab tests.

Lab Testing

They operate under the incorrect presumption that a single COA can apply across multiple products, provided they share the same cannabinoid potency and made in the same batch, regardless if the ingredients are different.

Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t meet the rigorous industry standards nor does it make sense, which raises a red flag and could lead to potential discrepancies and inaccuracies.

Each unique product, which is defined by the ingredients within the product, requires its own COA, even if the cannabinoid potency is identical. You cannot add ingredients, such as terpenes, to a product AFTER batch testing is complete; this defeats the purpose of testing. 

You can view our communications via text messages below. When confronted of this issue, the rep suggested that we might not be a good fit if we disagreed with their protocol. 

Enjoy Hemp’s current COA practice demonstrates a lack of comprehension of this integral aspect of product validation and quality assurance, which undermines the reliability of their testing and compromises the trust that consumers may place in their products. To align with industry requirements and to ensure maximum consumer safety and satisfaction, Enjoy Hemp needs to revise their COA policy to ensure each unique product has its specific certificate.



In this section, we examine the quality of the ingredients used in their products, the overall efficacy of the products based on on-staff testing and customer feedback, and the cost of their products when compared to similar products online.

Quality of Ingredients

Screenshot of enjoy hemp's nutrition facts and ingredients, showing 'nutrition facts: serv.  size: 1 piece (4. 5g), amount per serving: calories 12, fat cal. 0, total fat 0g (0% dv), sat. Fat 0g (0% dv), trans fat 0g, cholest. 0mg (0% dv), sodium 0mg (0% dv), total carb. 3g (1% dv), fiber 0g (0% dv), sugars 2g, protein 0g, vitamin a (0% dv), vitamin c (0% dv), calcium (0% dv), iron (0% dv). Percent daily values (dv) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Ingredients sugar, tapioca syrup, water, pectin, hemp extract, citric acid, natural fruit flavors, natural colors, and terpenes. ' below each product.
Enjoy hemp nutrition facts and ingredients list.

Although Enjoy Hemp claims to be all natural, they do not list the ingredients used to support these claims. Here are a few references:

  • The majority of their gummies are offered in, “mixed fruit flavors” but the individual fruit flavors are not listed nor how they are acquired.

The ingredients listed are pretty much the same across the board (see below).

  • Ingredients: Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Water, Pectin, Hemp Extract, Citric Acid, Natural Fruit Flavors, Natural Colors, and Terpenes.”


Brands that are familiar with proper labeling requirements know that you must include the specifics of what the the following ingredients that they list are made of or made from and the main question at hand:

  • hemp extract – what’s in the hemp extract (CBD, THC, CBG, etc.) and how much of each cannabinoid is in the product?
  • natural flavors – what is the specific natural flavoring ingredient used?
  • natural colors – what is the specific natural coloring used?
  • terpenes – what are the specific terpenes used?

Generalizing these specific ingredients is not acceptable.

Hemp Extract Information

Lastly, where their hemp extract/cannabinoids come from? After carefully examining their website, it is unclear where they source their cannabinoids from and how it is sourced.

Since the transparency of ingredients used are not available, we cannot give Enjoy Hemp a passing score.


Product Efficacy

A positive review left for enjoy hemp delta-8 sleep gummies that states, 'wow, these things are unbelievable. Best nights sleep i've had in years'.
A positive review left for enjoy hemp delta-8 sleep gummies that states, 'wow, these things are unbelievable. Best nights sleep i've had in years'.

After in-house analyzing of the quality of Enjoy Hemp edibles, we found that the taste, texture, and consistency of the product is pretty good. 

Further, customers seem to enjoy their products. We give a lot of credit to their use of terpene blends:

  • blends of sativa terpenes
  • blends of indica terpenes
  • blends of hybrid terpenes

While the specific terpenes are not listed, the efficacy of their products seems to be great.


Product Cost and Value

In our extensive evaluation and comparison of Cannabis industry benchmarks, we’ve found that Enjoy Hemp commendably holds its own against other leading edible brands in the market.

Our comprehensive data scraping of product costs across the sector has revealed that Enjoy Hemp provides consumers with a compelling balance of cost-efficiency and high-quality.

The brand’s product pricing aligns with that of similar brands, demonstrating the competitive positioning in the edibles marketplace. As such, Enjoy Hemp stands shoulder to shoulder with other edible brands in delivering value for money to its consumers.


Edible Potency Range

Several of enjoy hemp products are displayed showcasing their wide-range of product offerings.
Several of enjoy hemp products are displayed showcasing their wide-range of product offerings.

In the increasingly diverse and demanding landscape of the cannabis industry, Enjoy Hemp excels in offering a wide spectrum of product potencies that cater to a broad customer base.

Their selection speaks to the individualized experiences and needs of consumers, accommodating everyone from novices to seasoned edible enthusiasts. For those new to the world of edibles, Enjoy Hemp provides products with lower potencies, ensuring a gentle introduction to cannabis consumption. Meanwhile, more experienced consumers will find higher potency products that cater to their more established tolerance levels.

This approach not only amplifies customer choice but also builds trust, as consumers can find a product that matches their comfort level and consumption preference. 


Product Availability and Distribution

This section is on availability and distribution network. We like to see whether or not an edible brand offers their products to be purchased in other areas rather than online only. We look for store locators or a central business location where customers can meet their suppliers face-to-face.

One of the notable strengths of Enjoy Hemp lies in its robust distribution network and commendable inventory management. The brand boasts a nationwide distribution system that efficiently services customers across all states. However, customers of Enjoy Hemp do not have the ability to source their products nearby as Enjoy Hemp does not offer any partnering wholesaler or locating service to ensure that their high-quality products are either available within reach or at all. 

This failure further demonstrates their lack of proficiency and transparency within their organization. 


Customer Reviews and Testimonials

‘Wow, these things are unbelievable.Best nights sleep I've had  in years."

Bob Burica


Enjoy Hemp does NOT openly disclose where their headquarters are located.

This information is not available on their website.

The only way to contact Enjoy Hemp is by filling out a form on their contact us webpage found on their website.

Visit their website at to view and purchase cannabinoid and terpene-infused edibles.

No, Enjoy Hemp has not received a warning letter by the FDA.


Click any of the photos below to view the invoices and receipts of all our purchases from Enjoy Hemp. 


Would We Recommend Enjoy Hemp?

After careful examination of Enjoy Hemp brand, we would not be able to recommend their products.

While the company seems to produce a quality product, the company has failed in several areas of their business that we’ve highlighted throughout this review (shipping delays, communication issues, and accuracy of orders).

Above all, the lack of basic transparency of who they are, where they’re located, and how to receive support for their products, as well as their understanding of compliance of offering COA’s on a per product basis is where we find the biggest concern.

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