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Indica gummies are an up and coming product since there are so many new "federally legal" THC compounds that THC gummy manufacturers are able to use as ingredients. We all need sleep, it helps us recharge, and if that's what you're looking for more of, lets dive right in.

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Currently, indica gummies are an up-and-coming product that seems to be gaining considerable attention among cannabis aficionados. We all love gummy bears, but aside from the taste and texture, they can be even more delectable when they contain therapeutic cannabis compounds.

In short, you can enjoy the benefits associated with the Indica strain while having a delicious snack throughout the day. Please read on if you’re looking to shop or know more about Indica-infused gummies.

What is Indica? 

Indica is a strain of cannabis known for giving the consumer a high body, making them feel relaxed. Unlike the Sativa plant, the indica plant is relatively short and bushy. One can quickly identify it by its leaves, which appear short and wide. The Indica plant also grows more rapidly than Sativa, providing a higher crop yield. It also has a higher concentration of Cannabidiol (CBD). Alternatively, Sativa plants are known to contain high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

What are Indica gummies? 

As mentioned earlier, Indica gummies are just like typical gummies, with one exception. The only difference is that they are infused with Indica. If you have trouble swallowing cannabis pills, indica gummies are chewable and easy to take.

Most importantly, indica gummies are popular because they are both yummy and have therapeutic effects. Many tasty, sugary flavors are available to mask the taste of hemp in a far more effective manner than other cannabis supplements. Indica gummies are available in many different forms, from THC gummy worms to THC gummy bears and more.

Medicinal Properties of Indica Strains  

Typically, people are drawn to marijuana because of its intoxicating and medicinal properties. Contrary to what some people believe, the use of Indica is scientifically proven to help patients manage certain health conditions, thanks to cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in the body and in cannabis plants. They interact with cannabinoid receptors (CB-1 and CB-2) found in different parts of the human body, including the brain and central nervous system. It should also be noted that the cannabinoid receptors are part of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is responsible for a variety of psychological processes such as appetite, mood, pain sensation, and memory.

When these receptors interact with cannabinoids, the brain and body experience the effects associated with the Indica strain. 

Suggested Medical Uses of Indica Gummies 

Now that you are familiar with how the Indica strain interacts with the human body, we can hop into the specifics. 

The lore of the Indica strain is that it’s ideal for night-time use. Thus, Indica gummies are often marketed as having effects similar to that of a sedative and perfect for relaxation. These same effects can also be helpful for those seeking pain relief. What’s more, the relaxation element means that these gummies are highly recommended for people suffering from anxiety. Finally, Indica gummies can also be used as an appetite stimulant for some.  

In short, Indica gummies may help relieve symptoms associated with:  

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia 

  • Hangovers 

  • Headaches

  • Stiffness/spasticity

  • Mild Pain


It is important to understand how Indica gummies can potentially help with certain illnesses. While Indica gummies shouldn’t be considered a cure by themselves, they may help keep the side effects and symptoms associated with these conditions at a minimum and, in some instances, alleviate them completely.

For instance, Indica gummies are highly recommended for cancer patients. The reason is they are believed to help ease the side effects and pain associated with chemotherapy. One of the main ways in which they can help is by increasing their appetite. Chemo often makes it difficult for patients to eat, but eating food regularly is crucial for patients who require high levels of energy to fight off cancer cells in their bodies. 

Best Times to Use Indica Gummies:   

  • Before meditation

  • At night to help you sleep or relax 

  • Before a bath

  • After a stressful day

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How Many Indica Gummies Should I Eat?

The amount of Indica gummies that you should take is entirely dependent on the kind of therapeutic effects you are looking for. That said, the effects that you feel from taking Indica gummies are dependent on the tolerance levels you have for the strain. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to take one or two gummies and wait for about an hour to see the effects they have on you.

For a more specific answer on how many gummies you should take, check the manufacturer’s labels. The majority of manufacturers list their potency on the package, so ensure you check before making your purchase. That way, you can gauge the amount of CBD you want to take each day accordingly. 

Alternatively, if you are experienced in taking Indica gummies, or other cannabis products, you can probably get away with consuming more. However, it is still good to start small when you are trying a new supplement to avoid building up a tolerance. 

How Long Do Indica Gummies Take To Kick In? 

It is assumed that most Indica edibles take 45 – 60 minutes to start kicking in. However, the truth is Indica gummies tend to kick in at different times for different consumers. Some may experience the effects faster, while other people may take a while to experience the effects. Factors like your metabolism, lifestyle choices, and weight can have an impact and may reduce or increase the time it takes.

To learn more, read our article on How Long Do Edibles Take To Start Working?

Convenient and Fun 

Because indica gummies are discrete, they can be stashed almost anywhere. There are no liquids involved, so you don’t have to worry about spills – simply open the bottle or bag and enjoy. 

Virtually no other cannabis product is as convenient as indica gummies. The ability to have and use them almost wherever you go can’t be discounted. Besides their medicinal benefits, you can also have fun and feel like a kid again by sneaking this candy into your day!   

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Bill, thank you for your question! Short answer, Yes you can!
    All of our products are federally legal and you do not need a MMJ card or an MMJ prescription to order from us. We’ve shipped hundreds of orders throughout Florida alone since our inception earlier this year. Happy Shopping! 🙂

  2. Can i legally order indica online? I live in florida where thc must be prescribed by a doc in order for me to purchase.

  3. Hi Steve! Thank you for reaching out. Our Indica gummies, along with all of the products we carry are derived from Industrial Hemp Plants and strictly abide by the law by ensuring that all products remain under 0.3% Delta-9 THC on a dry-weight basis. This ensures that all of our edibles are federally legal. To further protect our customers, every order receives this document, click here to view document.

    The document in the link above is for Law Enforcement Officers and Postmasters. It shares several Acts and Bills that have been signed and passed by the United State federal government. This document clarifies any potential misunderstanding of the federal legal status of hemp-derived edibles gummies.

    I hope that answers your questions, please feel free to reach out if you have any more concerns. Thanks, Steve!

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