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Christopher Visser

Christopher Visser

Christopher is the CEO of two Cannabis companies, Cannabidiol Life and THCGummies.com. He is a notable Cannabis researcher, writer, and author with over seven years of experience in the Cannabis Industry and more than 100 published articles online.

In 2016, Chris kick-started his cannabis career through CBD education and produced the first comprehensive CBD product guide with 52 articles on the efficacy of CBD for specific health conditions, sparking national interest in CBD’s therapeutic and medicinal potential.

Chris has since expanded his CBD company into an international, physician-recommended CBD brand, with his premium CBD products now prescribed as medicine by Doctors in Brazil and Peru. Chris continues sharing knowledge of this versatile plant by publishing over 100 cannabis-related articles online.

His latest venture takes him back full circle diving headfirst into the fast-growing edible cannabis industry with the launch of THCGummies.com in January 2023.