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CBDFX Gummies Sample Packs

Short Description

CBDFX THC Gummy Samples packs are finally here!  This is your opportunity to try-before-you-buy… the bigger option.

Magic Melon is your day gummy as it’s a Sativa gummy.

Lemon Dream is your night time option, as its a Indica gummy.


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This product was made in the United States of America & distributed from Florida.

Product Specifications

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in

Lemon Dream (Indica) 5mg, Magic Melon (Sativa) 10mg



Gummy Type

Indica, Sativa


Organic & Vegan

Product Description

These two CBDFX THC gummy 1-pack samples are your opportunity to experience what CBDFX and their nationally-recognized gummies bring to the table.

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Third-party lab test results for CBDFX Magic Melon gummies. This full panel lab test was completed by Ethos Analytics on 09/15/2023. Sample ID: 23EA0906-006 Sample Name: D9+CBD - Magic Melon 600mg Sample Type: Gummy Batch/Lot: MM09072023

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