Edibles Dosing Calculator: Edible Gummy Dosage For Beginners

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Edibles & THC Gummy Dosing For Beginners & Avid consumers! Learn how to calculate your very own edible dosage by using our dosage chart for beginners and our mg to gram edible conversion calculator.

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Most THC gummy brands and edible manufacturers offer several different products with each product containing:


With all of this variety, one of the main questions I always get is:

“How Many THC Gummies Should I Eat?”

Instead of focusing on how many gummies you should eat, focus on figuring out your edible THC tolerance level; better yet, your…


What is a THC Edible Sweet Spot?

An Edible Sweet Spot is the calculation of several factors factors which results in the consumer having what they feel was the “best THC gummy experience.

How To Find Your THC Sweet Spot

Discovering your personal THC sweet spot is all about finding the perfect amount of THC for you, based on your individual needs and desired effects.

If you don’t want to learn this part, you can always jump to the THC gummy and edible dosage chart.

Still here? 🙂

Okay, so now, let’s discuss the various factors that can influence your ideal THC serving size, and provide practical tips to help you identify the perfect amount for your unique situation.

Factors Affecting Your Ideal THC Dosage

  1. Tolerance: Over time, regular cannabis users may develop a higher tolerance, requiring larger doses to achieve the same effects. On the flip side, novices should start with smaller doses to avoid overwhelming their system.

  2. Body Weight: Generally speaking, individuals with higher body weight may require a higher dosage of THC. Keep this in mind when calculating your ideal edible dosage.

  3. Metabolism: People with faster metabolisms may process THC more quickly, which could lead to a shorter, less potent experience. Conversely, those with slower metabolisms might find the effects more intense and long-lasting.

  4. Desired Effects: Your ideal dosage depends on the specific outcomes you’re seeking. For instance, if you’re looking for mild relaxation, you’ll want a lower dosage compared to those aiming for more intense psychoactive effects.

A woman of african decent is up to her shoulders in different cannabis edible candies looking around for her edible sweet spot.

Tips for Finding Your Sweet Spot

  • Start Low and Go Slow: Begin with a small dose (5-10 mg of THC) and wait at least 1-2 hours before consuming more. This approach allows you to assess the effects and avoid accidentally consuming too much THC.

  • Journal Your Experiences: Keep track of the dosages you’ve tried, the effects experienced, and the duration of those effects. This information can help you fine-tune your THC sweet spot over time.

  • Consider Strain and Cannabinoid Ratios: Different cannabis strains and varying THC:CBD ratios can impact your experience. Experiment with these factors to find the combination that works best for you.

Personalize Your Edible Sweet Spot For A Specific Result

Most people take and use THC-infused products for specific reasons; let’s talk about those now.


Relaxation & Stress Relief

A standard to moderate dose of THC (5-20 mg) might be just the ticket for individuals seeking stress and relaxation relief. You might consider trying an indica-dominant strain or a balanced THC:CBD ratio for more calming effects.


Creativity & Focus

If you’re aiming to boost creativity or focus, a lower dose (5-10 mg) might be optimal. Consider experimenting with sativa-dominant strains or edibles containing other cannabinoids, like CBD or CBG, which may enhance these effects.


Pain Management

For pain relief, you may need a moderate to high dose of THC (10-30 mg).

Some individuals find that a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio provides optimal relief, as the combination of both cannabinoids may result in enhanced pain-relieving effects.


More/Better Sleep

If you’re seeking a restful night’s sleep, a moderate to high dose of THC (10-30 mg) could be effective. Indica-dominant strains, or those with a higher CBN content, are often recommended for their sedative properties.

Read our article on about THC gummies for sleep to learn more.

The Sweet Spot Wrap Up

Finding your THC sweet spot is a personal journey.

It takes time, experimentation, and careful observation to determine the ideal tetrahydrocannabinol dosage for your individual needs. By considering the factors outlined above and following our tips, you’ll be well on your way to discovering your own unique sweet spot.

The Dark Side: What Happens If You Eat Too Much

If you eat more than the suggested amount, the high effects will turn viciously toward the dark side and you’ll experience things that are the complete opposite of relaxed and happy; such as:

  • severe paranoia

  • anxiety

  • confusion

  • disorientation

  • depression

A thc gummy bear that turned to the dark side.

Some consumers have shared testimonies about their THC intoxication experience and some have claimed that they felt like they were going to die.

WITH THAT SAID, you must know that this is just a feeling that the consumer had which is usually chopped up to the severe paranoia adverse effect. Further, THC intoxication has never caused a death, ever (unlike alcohol poisoning).

THC Gummy Dosing For First-Timers/Beginners

While some people believe that rules are meant to be broken, if it’s you’re first time trying THC gummies, don’t break this next one…

“Start LOW and go SLOW.”

If you ask any legitimate Medical Marijuana doctor in the country what the recommended THC edible dose is for beginners, you’ll that it’s between 2.5 mg – 5 mg of Delta-9 THC with 5mg being the proposed standard.


Eating a moderately-dosed THC gummy is a 4-8 hour commitment?

Education is paramount for beginners diving into the cannabis space. So, here are a few very important topics just to give you a heads up on what you’re getting into.

I’ve listed them in sequential reading order to mimic the order of an actual edible experience; beginning, during, and after. 

  1. When Do Edibles kick in?
  2. How Long Do The Effects of Edibles Last?
  3. How Long Are Edibles Detectable In Your System?


Converting  milligrams to grams is something most first-time THC users have obstacles with. If you fall into this category, please use our THC edible conversion calculator below to ensure you accurately convert those pesky units of measure!

Delta 8 gummy bear using a calculator


THC Edible MG To G And G to MG Conversion Calculator

Dosage Chart For D8 & D9-THC Edibles

Please use the edible dosage chart below to have a crystal clear understanding on what is the recommended dosage to ensure that you have a great experience.

Understanding The Chart

This edibles dosage chart was built to give you a personal suggested THC dose for the two most popular types of THC; Delta-8 THCDelta-9 THC.

 To make this chart even more accurate, both of the suggested THC amounts are based on your personal frequency of THC usage. 

How To Use The Chart:

This HIGHLY accurate chart that caters to all THC edible and THC gummy consumers.

  1. Find your personal THC usage frequency (Column 1).
  2. View your suggested Delta-8 THC (Column 2).
  3. View your suggested dose for Delta-9 THC (Column 3).
  4. View your recommended edible products (Column 6).


















Never Tried

THC Before

2.5 mg - 5 mg


2.5 mg




A light

high, minimal.

THC Gum &

THC Mints

First Time/ Rare Use

6 mg - 12 mg


5 mg




Clearly felt, but

not overwhelming.

CBDFx Lemon Dream Gummies

THC Lollipops & Honey Sticks


Weekly Use

13 mg - 29 mg


10-15 mg




You're testing your limits at this level.

Trojan Horse Orange Creamsicle

Pot Brownies

Once Per


30 mg - 49 mg


20-30 mg




Never recommended.

TRĒ House Tropic Mango Gummies

THC Chocolate Bars

Few Times

Per Day

50 mg - 100 mg*


50 mg - 100 mg*




A severe panic attack is certain.

Enjoy Hemp Lights Out Gummies

THC Fruit Rollups & Sour Belts



101 mg - 500 mg*


101 mg - 500 mg*





like your dying.

KOI Dragon Blend Gummies

THC-infused shots & MMJ Edibles

*Taking 50 mg+ of Delta-8 THC or Delta-9 THC in a single serving is never recommended for beginner’s and first-timer’s, especially NOT on an empty stomach.

Follow The Recommendations Found On The Product Label (With Precaution)

Adhere to the suggested use found on the product label is a standard recommendation you’ll likely find offered on any educational cannabis website. What you probably won’t hear them say is, DO IT WITH CAUTION!

We want you to be educated before you blindly follow the suggested serving size offered on a product label; and here’s why…

Non-organic and organic hemp-derived THC products alike are NOT heavily regulated as marijuana-derived gummies are. Every hemp gummy brand has the ability to suggest and offer their own recommended THC gummy dosage on their product label without any oversight from law enforcement.

If their product caters towards consumers looking for high-potency THC gummies, a first-timer wouldn’t have a good experience.

A woman walking through a cannabis forest is walking away carrying a big basket of thc gum balls.

What To Take Away

Anyone in America can start a THC gummy business and suggest their own THC serving size whether they are experienced/educated or not. A lack of understanding of what the universally-safe THC tolerance levels are could lead to a very poor experience for you.

Our promise to you:

If follow the THC Gummy Dosage Chart above and you correctly categorize yourself by your THC Tolerance/Experience Level, you will never have a bad experience with THC gummies in regards to THC intoxication.

If there is one motto to live by concerning edible candy dosing, its this…

“You can ALWAYS take more after you swallow, but you can NEVER take less.”

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