One 30-count bottle of all-natural and real fruit-flavored CBD gummy bears by Cannabidiol Life.

CBD Gummy Bears


Experience an optimal balance of wellness with Cannabidiol Life’s CBD Gummy Bears, meticulously crafted to promote internal equilibrium, or Homeostasis.

Revel in the rich, fruity flavors of these delightful hemp-based gummy bear edibles, offering an enjoyable way to harness the advantages of Cannabidiol (CBD).

Each Cannabidiol Life CBD Gummy Bear is infused with water-soluble CBD and the purest CBD isolate powder that money can buy (99.8% to 100% pure CBD), sourced from the premium organic Cherry Wine Hemp chemovars.

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These CBD gummy bears have been a big hit since they first went on sale online in October 2017. These specific CBD gummy bears are so fantastic, they are imported to two other countries, Brazil and Costa Rica. One of the many reasons this product is so coveted is that it uses water-soluble CBD in the formulation. Water-soluble CBD is more bioavailable to humans in comparison to pure CBD isolate, which is a fat-soluble compound. In this study conducted in 2017, the researchers found that the absorption of water-soluble CBD was enhanced by approximately 300% (three times).  


  • All-Natural
  • Non-GMO
  • Pesticide-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • THC-Free
  • Made with CBD isolate powder & water-soluble CBD
  • Each CBD gummy bear contains 25 mg of CBD
  • Each bottle contains:
    • 30 CBD gummy bears
    • 750 mg of CBD per bottle


  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Cherry
  • Green Apple
  • Watermelon


  • CBD gummy bears are safe for all ages as it does not contain any THC whatsoever.
  • People who are not looking for a high. For that, you need to visit our THC gummies page or read our take on THC Gummy Bears.
  • Best suited for people seeking light to minor relief and wellness needs.
  If you need more than minor relief, consider upgrading to Broad Spectrum CBD Gummy Worms or Full Spectrum CBD gummy Cubes.  


A unique Water-soluble CBD soak/spray method is used to make these CBD gummy bears and here is why they're so effective. Gelatin and fruit pectin, the stuff used to make gummy bears, have very unique properties. In a study, scientists found that they doesn't behave like most substances when it comes to a process called osmosis. Osmosis is when molecules pass through a barrier (like a cell wall) to try to even out the number of molecules on each side. But gelatin and fruit pectin act differently. They're like a bouncers at the "Human Body Club", getting to decide what molecules are allowed in and what molecules can go out or stay out. In the case of gummy bears soaked in a water-soluble CBD solution, gelatin and fruit pectin allows the CBD molecules to enter but doesn't let them leave.  
CBD gummy bear infographic that explains the permeability of gelatin and fruit pectin, and how it traps water-soluble CBD inside the CBD gummy bear when soaked inside a CBD-based liquid solution.
Cbd gummy bear infographic that explains the permeability of gelatin and fruit pectin, and how it traps water-soluble cbd inside the cbd gummy bear when soaked inside a cbd-based liquid solution.
This is why these CBD gummy bears are such an effective way to consume CBD; CBD gets trapped inside the gummy bear, and when you eat it, you'll get that CBD too. Researchers call it an "osmotic phenomena".


Premium All-Natural Ingredients:

  • Corn Syrup (Corn)
  • Sugar (Beets)
  • Water
  • Gelatin
  • Cannabidiol
  • Citric Acid
  • Natural Fruit-derived Flavors
  • Pectin (Fruits)
  • Natural Colors (Fruits, Vegetables, Spirulina, Curcumin)
  • L-theanine
  • Passionflower Extract
  • Skullcap
  • Vegetable Oil (Coconut, Canola)
  • Carnauba Leaf Wax (To Prevent Sticking)


CBD Gummies Dosage Recommendations:

For a really accurate suggested CBD dose, follow this step by step to find your CBD sweet spot:

  1. Weigh yourself in pounds
  2. Divide that number by three
  3. The result is your suggested CBD dose in mg


How Many CBD Gummy Bears Should You Eat?

Since each CBD gummy bear offers 25mg of CBD per piece, that means CBD dosing with CBD gummy bears work in increments of 25.  All you need to know is that taking a little bit more than what your CBD sweet spot recommends will never hurt you.

For example, let’s say you weigh 170 lbs; your suggested CBD Sweet Spot would be 56.7 mg (170 lbs divided by 3).

  • You could take 2 gummies (50 mg)
  • But if you wanted to take 3 CBD gummy bears (75 mg), that’s okay too.


CBD Gummy Bear Dosage Chart

If math isn’t your thing, follow this more general CBD dosage guide:

  • 1-99 lbs: 1 gummy
  • 100-160 lbs: 2 gummies
  • 161+ lbs: 3 gummies


Tips & Best Practices

Best Practices For The Best Results

  1. Eat your suggested number of CBD gummy bears on an empty stomach
  2. Wait five minutes, then eat a fatty-rich meal.


Studies have proven that eating cannabinoids, like CBD and THC, with a fatty-rich meal increases bioavailability.

Here are the links to the studies followed by a brief explanation highlighted in orange:

  1. Birnbaum, Angela K., et al. “Food Effect on Pharmacokinetics of Cannabidiol Oral Capsules in Adult Patients with Refractory Epilepsy.” Epilepsia, 2019.Explanation: This research found that the body could use up to 4 times more CBD when it was taken with a fatty meal, compared to when people took CBD without eating.
  2. Gallily, Ruth, Yekhtin, Zhannah, and Hanuš, Lumír Ondřej. “Overcoming the Bell-Shaped Dose-Response of Cannabidiol by Using Cannabis Extract Enriched in Cannabidiol.” Pharmacology & Pharmacy, 2015.Explanation: In this study, scientists compared CBD with fatty components compared to just CBD alone and found that the body could use 2 to 3 times more.

These studies suggest that having a fatty meal or using a CBD product that includes fats might help your body use more of the CBD.

Product Storage

  1. Cool Environment: Store your CBD gummies in a cool, dry place to prevent them from melting or getting too soft. The ideal temperature is below room temperature, but not so cold as to cause condensation.
  2. Darkness: Keep your CBD gummy bears out of direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure to light can degrade CBD potency over time.
  3. Airtight Container: Use an airtight container to store your CBD gummies. This helps to maintain their freshness and prevents them from absorbing odors from other food items.
  4. Away from Heat & Humidity: Avoid storing CBD gummies near heat sources like stoves, ovens, or windows that get a lot of sun. Heat can also degrade CBD. High humidity could possibly foster mold growth, so avoiding storage in high humidity areas will prolong the life of your CBD gummy bears.
  5. Out of Reach: If there are children in your household, ensure the gummies are stored in a place that’s out of their reach.  While children cannot overdose on CBD, they might get diarrhea from eating to many.
  6. (Optional) Separation: If possible, try not to let the gummies touch each other during storage. They might stick together, especially in warm conditions.


  • This product is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  • The FDA has not evaluated it for safety or effectiveness.
  • This product does not contain THC.
  • Don’t consume if the safety seal is broken.
  • Seek professional medical advice before eating CBD gummy bears if you might be pregnant, are pregnant, or nursing.
  • Don’t use with other medications unless to avoid drug interactions.

Product Review Disclaimer: provides customers the opportunity to share their experiences with our high-quality THC gummies collection to be used as a supplemental source of information and at times, inspiration.

Any customer’s individual journey is not to be perceived as a promised solution or guarantee but rather serve to illustrate the potential outcomes one might encounter while using these products. As such, we always advise you to speak with an expert medical professional for qualified advice tailored to your specific needs.


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