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With the increase in consumers buying THC gummies, comes the need to understand what potential side effects may arise from their consumption.

From short-term effects to long-term risks, let's explore the health-related impact of THC gummies.


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What's not a common side effect of THC Gummies?

A) Itchy Skin
B) Red Eyes
C) The Munchies
D) Dry Mouth

I’ve put together three quick lists below for you to check out before we get heavy into the research.

The adverse effects that people fear the most:

  • Psychosis
  • Increased Blood pressure/heart rate
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety attacks
  • THC intoxication leading Emergency Room Visit

The side effects you’re almost guaranteed to experience:

The long-term potential negative side effects:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Substance Abuse
  • Memory Loss

The quick lists were made for your convenience, but now, it’s time for the research.

I’ll start with what industry professionals are warning and what researchers are saying, followed by the short-term effects of edibles infused with THC.

Expectancy: When & For How Long?

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As stated previously in the previous section, most people feel the effects and sensations of cannabis gummies in the following ways:

  • relaxation,
  • sleepiness,
  • euphoria,
  • happy and giggly

But, when can you expect to feel these effects and what’s the average duration of these blissful sensations that you should expect?

The Onset: When You'll Start Feeling The Effects Of THC Gummies

Ever wondered how long it takes for marijuana gummies to work their magic? The answer can vary, but generally, THC gummies take about 30 minutes to an hour to kick in. This is due to the fact that they need to be digested and absorbed by your body before you start feeling their effects. 

It’s important to note that the onset time of marijuana gummies can be influenced by factors such as:

  1. your metabolism

  2. the type of cannabis gummies you consume

  3. eating a THC gummy on a full stomach vs. an empty stomach

So, it’s always best to start with a low dose, give it some time to assess your high, and never take another serving unless 2 hours have passed.

The Duration: How Long The Effects of Weed Gummies Will Last

Several factors come into play when it comes to the duration of THC gummies’ high effects. These factors include the individual’s metabolism, tolerance, and the potency of the gummies.

According to MedicalNewsToday.com, the duration of effects can last anywhere from 4 to 12 hours, depending on the dosage and individual tolerance, with the peak effects occurring around 2 to 3 hours after consumption. 

  1. Metabolism: Individuals with faster metabolic rates may process THC more quickly, leading to shorter effects. On the other hand, those with slower metabolisms may experience a longer-lasting high. 

  2. Tolerance: Frequent cannabis users may have a higher tolerance to THC, resulting in a less intense and shorter-lasting high. The effects might last longer and feel more potent for those with a lower tolerance. 

  3. Potency: The strength of the Delta-9 gummies also plays a significant role in determining how long the effects will last. Higher potency gummies will produce stronger and longer-lasting effects compared to those with lower THC concentrations. 

At the end of the beautiful day, just remember that everyone’s experience with ∆9-THC gummies will vary.  This especially pertains to the duration of the effects because it can be influenced by factors such as;

  • Food intake
  • Body weight
  • The presence of other substances in the system
  • THC tolerance
  • Age
  • Liver health

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How to make the effects of your THC gummies kick in faster, last longer, and hit harder!

Advice, Comments, & Warnings From Edible Cannabis Professionals and Scientific Researchers

In this section, we will share the information given from some of the most noted professionals and institutions who have conducted studies on THC gummies and the effects of cannabis edibles containing high levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Please note that each reference below is paraphrased and if you wish to verify its accuracy, click the source link after each point.

  1. Edibles made with marijuana can be very potent and cause extreme reactions. A single serving of a commercially available edibles usually contain higher THC content than the original plant material it was derived from – insinuating it’s easier to consume too much THC in today’s marijuana edible market because the products contain concentrated amounts of THC or the consumer was unaware of how much to take prior to consumption.
    Michael Smoker: Indiana University
  2. In 2019, a animal-study was conducted on mice which revealed that the effects of ingesting THC can have different impacts based on the mouse’s sex. The study also found that the mice had decrease levels of activity and lower body temperatures.
    Self-administration of edible Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol and associated behavioral effects in mice
  3. THCV shows great promise as a potential solution to the challenges posed by obesity and type 2 diabetes. In rodent studies, this compound was found to reduce appetite, increase satiety levels, and enhance energy metabolism – making it a candidate for weight loss management. (source)

Short-Term Adverse Effects Of Weed Gummies: The Common & The Scary

When consuming THC gummies, most people report positive experiences, but some individuals ignore the warnings to not over consume and 9 out of 10 times, these bright crayons will experience less desirable effects.

Here, we’ll discuss the common and the scary short-term side effects of pot gummies to keep you informed.

Common Short-Term Side Effects

The short term side effects of THC gummies can range from mild to severe depending on the strength of the cannabis gummy and your overall sensitivity to THC (your THC tolerance).

Cannabis gummies that contain higher potencies of THC can evoke a range of sensory, psychological, and motor effects on users

Here are a few more side effects that you might consider annoying, but not scary:

  • Cottonmouth (dry mouth): A common and infamous side effect of THC gummies is cottonmouth

  • Increased appetite: Often referred to as “the munchies,” increased hunger is another typical effect of THC gummies.

  • Drowsiness: Some users may experience sleepiness or drowsiness, which can be helpful for those struggling with insomnia.

  • Red eyes: Glazed-over, bloodshot eyes might occur from THC gummies due to the increased blood flow caused by THC.

  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure. THC can temporarily raise your heart rate, which can be concerning for those with existing heart conditions.

Further, you may feel:

  • a sense of heightened awareness of color saturation
  • shifts in temporal perception 
  • Emotional changes are common too – from elevated moods to instability
  • physical movement could become hampered, possibly alongside difficulties with cognitive tasks such as problem-solving and memory recall.

Write this next part down and never forget it…

It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that if you’re not used to ingesting cannabis products or if you’re sensitive to THC’s effects, these short-term side effects can be especially pronounced.

The Scarier Short-Term Side Effects 

  • Anxiety: In higher doses, THC gummies might induce anxiety or paranoia in some individuals. It’s crucial to start with a low dose and gradually increase it to avoid this side effect.

  • Impaired coordination: THC gummies may affect motor skills and reaction times, making it unsafe to operate heavy machinery or drive.

  • Psychosis: In rare cases, its reported that higher doses of THC can lead to temporary psychotic symptoms (hallucinations and delusions); making psychosis an additional peril that cannabis abuse presents. (source) However, some people enjoy the hallucinations. It’s worth noting, this side effect is more likely in individuals with a history of mental illness or a predisposition to it.

It’s essential to remember that everyone’s experience with THC gummies will be different, and side effects may vary from person to person. Always start with a low dose and follow the recommended guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Long-Term Side Effects From Regular Use

Do you know how “long term” cannabis use is actually defined?

I’ll tell you,
and I brought the receipts. 

While there is no clear-cut definition in scientific literature as for the definition of regular cannabis use, long-term use, frequent use, and chronic use, according to the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction, it is generally characterized by weekly or more frequent THC consumption, over extended periods of time.

Mental health and cannabis use are tragically intertwined; twice as many individuals suffering from severe psychological conditions such as:

  • schizophrenia
  • bipolar disorder
  • depression
  • anxiety

… also regularly consume marijuana.

Strong evidence suggests that Cannabis use is linked to a heightened risk of schizophrenia and other psychoses among individuals who have a family history with these illnesses.

Clearing the smoke ccsa ca key 2022 highlights by thcgummies. Com.
Key highlights reported by the ccsa in regards to cognitive functioning.

When it comes to long term side effects of eating THC gummies, one of the most commonly cited potential risks is an increased risk for addiction if used on a regular basis. – DrugAbuse.gov

With that said, THC consumption has also been linked to decreasing opioid use for patients suffering from chronic pain. Read more about this possibility with our article THC Gummies for Pain.

There is also evidence that chronic marijuana users may experience other mental health issues such as anxiety and depression due to changes in neurotransmitter levels caused by prolonged use of cannabis products.

Additionally, upon consumption, THC travels swiftly throughout the body to reach its final destination – your brain. The hippocampus and orbitofrontal cortex are then activated resulting in challenges creating new memories as well as difficulty processing information. (source)

Some potential risks associated with chronic marijuana use include decreased fertility due to hormonal imbalances; cognitive impairment; increases in blood pressure; decreases in testosterone levels. (source)

THC Gummies Side Effects In Young Adults & Adolescents

A picture that tells a small story that is made to educate teenagers that are curious about thc and cbd. It has a tower of blocks from the jenga game in the back ground and it says, 'the act of altering one's mental state through the consumption of thc during the developmental stages of the brain is similar to removing a block from the foundation of a jenga tower at the start of a game. Although the game may not come to an immediate halt, the foundation is compromised. The more you indulge in thc gummies during your formative years, the greater your potential for enduring long-term and possibly permanent mental complications later in life. '
Teenagers, thc, & jenga; educating teens about the importance of their developing minds.

A comprehensive study in New Zealand reveals that extensive marijuana use, especially during early years of life, can lead to an alarming decline in IQ levels: 6 or 8 points lower than average when measured as adults. This information comes from a study titled, “Impact of adolescent marijuana use on intelligence: Results from two longitudinal twin studies.”

Another study showed that regular Marijuana use has been linked to decreased self-esteem, academic underachievement, and career disappointments. Studies have shown that marijuana users are more likely to drop out of school and experience higher rates of job absences, occupational accidents or injuries than those who do not partake in substance abuse. This was a 2010 study title, “Marijuana use and high school dropout: the influence of unobservables.”

Potential Benefits: The Positive Side Effects of THC Gummies

One of the benefits we can claim about THC gummies is that smoking cannabis products increases the risk for developing certain types of cancers such as lung cancer due to over extended periods of time. So, with THC gummies, that is avoided altogether.

One tip we always like to share is if you are taking THC gummies for the first time, consider also also taking some CBD gummies at the same time.

CBD (Cannabidiol), is the second most prolific cannabinoid in cannabis marijuana plants and it seems to lessen the side effects of THC when consumed simultaneously.

Visit our article on the benefits of THC gummies to learn more.


First and foremost, overconsumption; never do it.

On chance that you do, check out our product Undoo Relief. It helps counteract the effects of THC.

When it comes to edible products, always adhere to the instructions on the product label. There was a man in Colorado that decided to eat a weed cookie/brownie ended up eating six times more than he was supposed to and ended up jumping off his balcony because he was so impaired.

When considering whether or not you should consume THC gummies, it’s important to weigh the potential benefits against any potential risks involved with using them regularly.

Understanding the short term effects of marijuana as well as any possible long term consequences associated with chronic marijuana use can help you determine whether or not this form of cannabis consumption is right for you.


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